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A cooperative game... until the food is gone!


Game material overview

After becoming shipwrecked, a group of castaways found themselves on a desert isle. At first, the surroundings seem like paradise, but life soon proves difficult. Water flows at the whim of sparse precipitation, and fish are scarce. It’s doubtful whether everyone can survive this diet… There is only one solution: Construct a large raft together. But don’t waste any time, because the clouds on the horizon suggest the arrival of a dangerous hurricane! At the end of the game, the players who manage to leave the isle in time will win, assuming anyone survives that long!

Player actions

Hover over the figures to see the possible actions. Each player chooses the action they wish to perform, among four possible actions.
Man swimming to the wreckage Raft on the beach Food crate Empty crate Grave with a parrot on Fisherman on the rocks Woman carrying wood to the raft Castaway with a conch Boat stranded on rocks Man bringing water in his buckets

Catch fish

Gather wood

Playing a card

Search the wreckage

Collect water

Catch fish

When you choose this action, draw a ball from the bag. The number of fish on the ball indicates how many fish you caught. Advance the Food marker (Fish) that many spaces on the survival track on the board. Then return the ball to the bag.

Advance the Food marker (Fish ) that many spaces on the survival track on the board.

Example: On his turn, Nate decides to go fishing, so he draws a ball from the bag; the ball depicts 2 fish. So, he advances the Fish marker 2 spaces on the survival track.

Gather wood

To collect wood, you go to the forest, which is infested with snakes! You will safely find the first bit of wood at the edge of the forest; when you choose to take this action, you automatically advance the Wood disc 1 step on the Raft track.

Example: Adrian decides to go search for wood, so he starts by advancing the Wood disc 1 step on the Raft track.

Automatically advance the Wood disc 1 step on the Raft track. Advance the Wood disc a number of spaces equal to the number of balls you drew.

Next, decide whether to explore deeper into the forest, taking your chances with the snakes. Announce how many more pieces of wood you wish to collect (from 1 to 5) and draw that many balls, all at once, from the bag. If all of the balls are white, you advance the Wood disc a number of spaces equal to the number of balls you drew.

Example: Adrian wants to press onward for 2 more wood, so he draws 2 balls. Because they are both white, he advances the Wood disc 2 steps on the Raft track.

If you draw the black ball, you have been bitten by a snake, and you become sick for one round. You do not advance the Wood disc (beyond the 1 free wood for taking the action).

Playing a card

Warning, playing a card does not count as an action. Players can do this when they want, during their turn or a team member turn.

You can play the Wreckage cards in your hand at any time (unless they say otherwise). After you use a card, discard it immediately, unless it has a permanent effect.

Resource cards: water, food. You can play these for the good of the community to increase the stock on the survival track, or you can keep them for yourself, in case there is a shortage. You may give them to other players, too.

Special, single-use cards: anti-venom, voodoo doll, etc. These cards allow you to perform a specific action, and are discarded after use (unless the card says otherwise).

Permanent cards: axe, flask, fishing rod, crystal ball, etc. When you wish to use one of these cards, place it face up in front of you. Then it can be used each round. If you are eliminated, the permanent cards that you have used are discarded (except for the gun).

Examples of resource cards Examples of single-use cards Examples of cards with a permanent effect

Search the wreckage

You draw the topmost Wreckage card from the ship’s hold, and add it to your hand of cards, without letting anyone else see it.

Raw the topmost Wreckage card from the ship’s hold Examples of useless cards

Collect water

When you choose this action, look at the number in the water droplet on the Weather card for this turn (it will range from 0 to 3) and advance the Water marker that many spaces on the survival track on the board. Note that you cannot collect any water on an extremely sunny day (when the droplet depicts 0): so be careful and plan for it!

Example : On her turn, Mary decides to search for water, so she looks at the number depicted on the Weather card for the turn. It shows a 2, so she advances the Droplet 2 spaces on the survival track.

the Weather card for this turn

Check for survival

Once every player has performed one action, each survivor (player still in the game, including the sick) must receive 1 ration of water and 1 ration of food.

The marker moves to 2 for every survivors.

Lunch is served!

If there are at least as many rations of water and ration of food as there are survivors, subtract 1 ration on the survival track for each survivor and the round ends.

the crate is empty, there are no food.

Go on a diet...

If there are fewer water or food rations than survivors, the players can use Water or Food cards to move the marker up one or more rations. If this is still not enough, a vote is held to determine who will be deprived of water or food.

A castaway voted by the others players


Votes are necessary in the event of a water or food shortage (or if the players must leave the island, but do not have enough seats on the raft). The first player of the round counts to 3, and everyone simultaneously votes against another player by pointing at that player. Whichever player has the most votes against him is eliminated.


You have enough food for tonight's meal and you have enough Raft cards built and rations for the trip? Then get on! You won the game against the island!
Raft leaving the island
The storm arrived and unfortunately none of the players could embark ..? All players died of thirst or hunger ..? The island defeated you! Return there and take your revenge!


While exploring their island, the shipwrecked people of Hellapagos make a discovery that will change everything!
Indeed, other stranded travellers have settled here, and apparently for many years because they seem to have forgotten the codes of a civilized way of life!